Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Talking the Talk (more vocabu....)

More Genuine Faux Farm terminology!

Just so everyone can understand us better!

Sun puddle - especially prevalent on sunny Winter days.  Cats are particularly good at commandeering the flat spaces where a sun puddle resides.  Beware - they (the sun puddles) tend to move.

UnEgg Space - when you tend to pick 3 to 4 dozen eggs a day from your laying flock, *any* space in the refrigerator that does not hold eggs is UnEgg Space.

Executive Decision -  there are numerous times during the growing season that a decision simply gets made for us.  That's just the way it is.

Ed - the six row seeder is named Ed.  Only Ed might have an idea as to why that is.

Time Wasters - aka kittens.

Field Access Indicators - the puddles in the drive area.  If they are full, you likely can't work the soil in the fields.  If they are damp, pretty close to ready.  Dry?  Go for it.

the Park  - where the meat birds go to chill.  Literally.

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