Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Farm Report

Once again, we fall back on the farm report....  Alas!

  • Our Spring chickens *are* sold out at this time.  We will take reservations for our Fall batch (typically ready in October).  We are still delivering some of the birds - but most are in their new homes.
  • Speaking of broilers (we were?).  The chicks are out of their boxes and now have a room to themselves.  We typically don't move them out of boxes quite this quickly, so were a little surprised when they managed to get out of their room by getting through the crack under the door.  Hmmmm.
  • The turkeys got their first taste of summer squash and pronounced it yummy.  Well, ok, they said something along the lines of "chiiirrruuup."  Which, in turkey, means - "Oh look, this is interesting, I will eat it."
  • Fields are finally drying out so we can do some of the work we need to do.  We've been trying to get weeding and other things done in the mud, but it slows us down and is not as pleasant to work in as one might like.
  • We are glad the heat has moved on.  And, the forecast is calling for more reasonable temperatures for a while.  This is good for the humans and the animals.  But, it is actually *very good* for some of our crops that were suffering in the heat.  While you might think of things like lettuce suffering (and it does), you might be surprised to learn that green beans also suffer in excessive heat.   Fruit tend to brown or develop empty pods.  In fact, the heat can reduce blooming and fruit set.  As long as we can keep the plants alive, they should turn it around.  
  • Rob spent time answering questions on film for the Grout Museum.  They are developing an exhibit on alternative farming in Iowa that should appear in 2013.  I sure hope they didn't notice the pimple on my nose!  (oy!  I think I'm joking here!)
  • Weeds.  Icky!  Weeds.  Icky!  Sigh.  Oui, we weed and we weed and we weed.  And they keep coming back.  I think they are winning.  
  • We used all but three of our white nest and stack crates for Tuesday's pick for the CSA.  This is good and bad.  We'll let you figure out why.
  • We're tossing more fruits due to mold/rot problems than we've had to in the past.  This is a moisture/heat related issue and should pass as long as we can keep getting these OFF of the plants.
  • We've noticed some diseased pepper plants that probably got some carry-over from last year's issues.  It should not impact all of the peppers, but some varieties look like they need to be pulled to prevent possible spread.  So, no record this year.  But, I think the CSA will get plenty over time.
That's all the brain can dredge up for tonight.  Get outside and enjoy the nice temperatures!

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