Monday, August 8, 2011

News and Announcements

Every year, we hit a period where we're just tired of it all.  As a result, we have a harder time getting fun and interesting blogs out there for everyone.  We then fall back on the 'just the facts' approach to blogging - nothing really wrong with that - I hope. 

Don't worry, we'll get the fire back.  Everyone in every job hits stretches like this and we're not the exception.

  We were quite pleased with last week's distribution.  Lots of produce went to our share holders.  Thus far, the amount and quality of the produce delivered has been very good (in our opinion), which makes us happy.  Of course, this is a business and we want to provide a good product.  But, it is also a bit more than a business.  

On another note - the Cedar Falls distribution on Thursday was 1 person away from perfect attendance!  Wow!.  Well done.

Tom Sawyer Week:
We are tentatively scheduling a Tom Sawyer 'Week' for the following days - August 10, 14, 15 & 19.  More details coming soon.

Summer Festival
 A reminder that our annual Summer Festival is coming!  Mark Saturday, August 27 on your calendars.

Signing up for Extended Fall Shares:
We are not quite ready to do this yet.  But, we will begin signups in September.  We'll make the announcement first to last year's extended season members, then our current CSA members and those on the wait list.  Then, if necessary, we throw it open to all.  We are looking at 25 slots approximately.

Signing up for 2012:
It seems early to mention this, but we have had questions regarding it.  We begin signups for the following year in September as well - giving current members and wait-listed individuals first shot at slots.

Partner Farm Work Days:
We were at Scattergood in June, at GFF (here) in July and we will be at Grinnell Heritage Farm on August 17.  This could very much help us get out of the "blahs" as it is always helpful to commiserate with our peers.  And, it's just neat to go help someone else for a few hours.  Blue Gate is scheduled for September.

Farm Energy Working Group Grant:
GFF received a grant to do research on how we can incorporate solar energy into our farming operation.  We'll provide more as we work on it.  The end result of this grant is hopefully to identify exactly WHAT we will do and then produce a grant application to make that happen. 

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