Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The C in 'CSA' - Favorite Faux Phauxtos #5

Fifth in a series of favorite photos.  This one comes from our high tunnel build in 2010. Unfortunately, I do not recall who took this one.  I just know it wasn't me.

The high tunnel build was a Practical Farmers of Iowa field day and we had several people attend and work on this project.  We remain grateful for all the help we received and would like to report that the tunnel continues to do well despite many strong winds.

This photo reminds me of the "C" in "CSA" - Community.

The work on our farm falls primarily on Tammy and I, but we are very sensitive about making inaccurate claims about our accomplishments.  We could not be where we are now without a long, long list of people who have supported us in our endeavors.  This includes persons who are members of our CSA program, people who buy our plants in the Spring, persons who get eggs, chickens, turkeys or ducks from us, farm workers, Tom Sawyer Day participants, family members, schools, institutions and retail outlets who buy our products, and even people we hire to do work we cannot find time to do - like putting a steel roof on the granary.

Our success is tied to our links to the community.

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