Monday, June 25, 2012

Chickens Looking to Be Dinner Guests

Our day-range broiler chickens will be taking their trip to "The Park" on Friday of this coming week (June 29).  This means we are ready to begin taking reservations for these birds. 

How to Reserve:
   Send us an email at  gff genuinefauxfarm com
OR come to our CSA distribution and sign up there.
   DO NOT call, we don't always have what we need ready to make sure we get it all down properly.  DO NOT send notes via Facebook, our internet doesn't always let us get into that part of the website to see it.  DO repeat your request if you don't get a positive response within 36 hours of your email.

What you need to tell us
   -  How many birds you want. 
   -  If you want any of them cut into pieces.  They will be WHOLE birds (not cut up) unless you ask us to have some birds cut up.  It costs an additional $1 to ask the processor to cut up the bird.
   -  Which pick up option you would prefer (see below).
   - Any additional instructions you feel are necessary.


   - Prices are figured by weight.
   - if you pick birds up on Friday (unfrozen) in Waverly (see pick up options below) cost is $3.25/pound
   - if you pick birds up at the farm, but AFTER they are frozen, cost is $3.30/pound
   - if you need us to bring the birds to Waverly or Cedar Falls for a pick up, the birds will be frozen and the cost will be $3.40/pound
   - average weight is estimated to be 5 pounds per bird, some will be bigger, some smaller.  Normal range is 4-6 pounds.

Delivery/Pickup of Broilers:
   - OPTION 1: Pick up in Waverly approx 2:30PM to 3:30PM.  We will be in the Science Center parking lot at Wartburg College, in the SouthWest corner.  We will be returning from picking up the processed birds in Greene and they will be unfrozen.  If you want this option you MUST tell us.  Why?  Because we cannot guarantee that we will be there exactly at these times, this is our best guess based on past experience.  There are too many variables having to do with cooling and other processing issues that we cannot control.  So, if we know you are coming, we can call some/all of you if things change. 
   - OPTION 2 : Pick up at the farm.  Birds will be taken to Fredericka Locker before they close on Friday.  We have to get the birds from them Saturday and put them in our own freezers.  It is a good idea to contact us BEFORE you come to pick up birds. 
   - OPTION 3 : Pick up during a CSA distribution.  If you've looked at our truck and the number of coolers, etc we have to bring with us for veg, you can guess that space can be at a premium.  We will begin bringing chickens for people on Tuesday (Waverly) and Thursday (Hansen's in Cedar Falls) and we will fit as many as we are able.  But, this means that we may not be able to bring ALL orders during the first week of July.  It all depends on space available to haul it to the distribution points.    It is NOT cost effective for us to make a special delivery date/time that is separate from the distributions.  That's why we do it this way. 

How many are available:
   Approximately 180 birds are estimated to be available. (103 are now reserved - 77 still available)   

Other details about what you will receive
   The birds will be processed - which means they will be cleaned and placed in bags that work fine for freezing.  Birds are whole unless you order a cut up bird.  We estimate that the average processed size of these birds will be around 5 pounds, which is a very good size.

Frozen or unfrozen:

   If you want an unfrozen bird, you MUST pick up your bird from us in Waverly on June 29 (after we pick them up from the processor).  Otherwise, the remaining birds will be taken to the Fredericka Locker to be flash frozen.  We simply do not have refrigerator space to hold birds unfrozen for those who want them that way.  Freezing birds costs us approximately 5 cents/pound to do at the locker.  We will pass remove this cost for birds picked up on Friday (your price will be 5 cents per pound cheaper).

Who processes the birds?

   Martzahn's Farm in Greene, Iowa processes the birds.  They do have a state of Iowa inspector on premises, so you can rest assured that the birds have passed inspection.  This is the processor we have used for all of our birds and we find that their work is well worth what we pay them.

About these birds:
Day range chickens are fed organic feed and are given the opportunity to forage on our pastures.  We do NOT raise the Cornish X hybrid that is bred to eat and grow.   We DO raise Freedom Rangers.  These birds have, in our opinion, a better taste, are smarter birds and like to forage and run around like chickens should run around.  The reason fewer people raise them is that they take longer to grow up to a size where they can be processed. We have now raised this type of bird for the past five years or so.  They are simply a better bird.

Thank you for being willing to read this email carefully and thank you in advance for your orders. 
Rob & Tammy

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