Saturday, July 7, 2012

So Much Fun to Have Fun

Chick Inn to Duck N Cover to Istanbul?

We have a (semi) portable building that has been used for ducks and for broilers.  And will be the home for turkeys.  Failing to come up with a better temporary name, we decided Istanbul would work.  Why not?

Lemon Juice

Tammy makes excellent lemonade using lemon juice, sugar and water.  I now find it odd that I used to drink the powder mix lemonade.  On the other hand, the brand name of the lemon juice is.... Squeeze Eez.  I'm sorry, but if this doesn't encourage a fit of the giggles, I don't know what will.

They'll Eat Anything

The cucumber beetle.  Little yellow beetles that either have black stripes or black spots.  They'll bother any vine crop, beans, corn, peas and flowers on most any other plant.  Then there's the one that landed on my computer just now.  A vegetable farmer wouldn't get scared watching most horror movies.  But, make one starring a cucumber beetle...

Air at 4AM?

Yep, there is.  At least there was when we packed up the broilers.  We also learned that our roosters do start crowing (sporadically) at that time in late June.

Meow (said in a most pitiful tone)

Bree, our black and white (indoor) cat, found herself in a bit of a predicament.  She pushed her way through the backing on a shelf and was stuck behind the shower for a while.  She was fine, but there has never been a more pitiful sound than the meow that came from behind that shower.

Three T-Shirt Days

Yep, we're having a few of those as of late.  But, it becomes a bit more disturbing when you realize your jeans are soaking wet too.  And it has nothing to do with a leak in the irrigation line.

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