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Wisdom comes in many forms.  In this case, the wisdom is being dispensed by a 13 year old in Colorado.

If you want the unabridged story, here is the link: Denver Post story

Take Away Number One
"If you want sustainable, wholesome, pasture-raised organic, hormone- and antibiotic-free food, you have to support it. You can not get these things by talking about it and not paying for it." (direct quote from the article)

As human-beings, we are fond of giving lip service to things we think are "right."  We also have a tendency to fail in our follow through.  I'm not just talking about failure to buy local this month.  I'm talking about your dedication to the concept you give verbal support to.  

We are lucky enough to be in a situation where one of us works off the farm.  So, our income does not rely solely on farm income.  But, there are others who do rely on that income.  Guess what?  Buying from these people at one farmers market may make you feel better about yourself and your stance that we should support local foods (or organic foods, or....), but it doesn't result in much support for them to earn a living and continue providing good food to others.  

People who support local, sustainable, organic, etc etc food make a habit of purchasing it.  They recognize that these people work to provide them this food AND they recognize that they need to make some income every week to keep doing it.  Not only that - they recognize that they need to charge what they do so that they get paid a fair wage. 

Take Away Number Two
" People talk a lot, but it does not mean much. I have people who want lots of eggs tell me to deliver a certain amount every week. I have to save up the eggs to do this, and then they change their minds and don't want them." (direct quote)

You have a right to change your mind.  But, when you do, remember that the consequences are greater than your potential discomfort in declining the offered item once they have it.  Am I saying you HAVE TO take the product if you really don't need it?  No. Maybe you can't afford to take it now as your circumstances have changed.  What we all need to do is to be sure that the order is something we will follow through on when we make it.  Then, if circumstances change and it is no longer something you can do, we all handle it.  But, if you're just too lazy or unconcerned, that excuse isn't sufficient.

Perhaps the real takeaway is this.  If you want to support local businesses and small businesses, you consider how your actions (or inaction) might impact the people that make up the business.  And perhaps this is why so many people can't be bothered to seek out the small, local businesses in their area.  Is it too frightening to deal with people with whom you might have a personal connection?
Take Away Number Four
"I do not plan on farming in the future." (direct quote)

This is the saddest quote in the whole article.  We need young people like this young woman in the farming community.  She does not state exactly why she will not be farming in the future.  But, would it be far off to conclude that some of this stems from the points she makes in this article?  Personally, I hope it is because she has a passion for something else.  I hope that she pursues it and sees success.  And, as she sees this success, in whatever field it may be in, she also grows a big garden and has a few chickens of her own...or maybe a couple of cows. 

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