Thursday, June 13, 2013

Oh Well - and More Nonsense

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Once upon a time, there was a farm.  On this farm lived two people, five cats,
some chickens, ducks, turkeys and a whole bunch of earthworms.  There were many vegetable and flower plants and even some fruit trees. The two people worked hard to be farmers and they even hired people to help them grow the vegetables, raise the poultry and tend the farm.  Sometimes, they asked others to join them on the farm to do a little work and then celebrate the day with good food.

Sadly, a SNORT came and visited the farm and ate the well.  There was no water for the farmers, the cats, the chickens, ducks, turkeys or people who visited the farm to eat good food.

Perhaps the SNORT felt that the farm had sufficient water since the earthworms were wearing water wings.  After all, the SNORT had evidence that there was plenty of water on the farm when it watched a truck get stuck trying to deliver a load of black dirt to the farm.  But, it still might have felt a little bit guilty and it helped pull the truck out.

Work on the farm continued.  Mr Tyler found a way to put in an automatic vent for the high tunnel.  The farmers agreed that a vent that opened and closed without electricity would be excellent, and so they found a product that did just that.
There was so much work to do on the farm that one of the farmers was caught telling someone that his head was about to explode because there was so much to accomplish in very little time.  Or perhaps he was trying to imitate the sun in hopes that the plants would grow for him.

Miss Rachel and Mr Tyler helped the farmers complete building a small structure to help small plants to grow in trays.  The ground was still so wet that most of these plants could not yet be put in the ground.  But, they seemed to be happy in this building.

Then, a good thing happened!  People came to the farm and they put on gloves.  Gloves could mean several things.  Perhaps it was cold outside?  It is possible that it was a fashion statement.

But, happily, these people, and many others, came to the farm to help with some projects for a while.  This made the farmers very happy.

The helpers weeded some of the flower beds around the house.  Flowers help remind the farmers and the workers to enjoy beauty.  But, no one was entirely certain if the cats, the chickens, ducks, turkeys or the earthworms cared one way or the other. 

The raised bed frames that Mr Denis built were moved and dirt was placed on them.  Perhaps with a little more dirt the farmers would be able to put plants in these frames.    But, while the farmers and workers were happy with this, it was again unlikely that the cats, chickens, ducks or turkeys really cared.  The earthworms, however, decided to move in.

Suddenly, an ettercap crawled from the stump in the front yard.  A whole host of visitors on the farm worked feverishly to prevent the creature from escaping, efficiently placing the very things that will stop any self-respecting ettercap from terrorizing people ever again - grass and twigs.  A tragedy was averted.  The farmers and workers rejoiced.  The earthworms continued to move their belongings to the raised beds.  The cats, chickens, ducks and turkeys ignored the whole thing.

Then, a miracle occurred.  One farmer discovered some of the land was dry enough to till and plant, if only barely so.  And, a whole host of people helped to plant chinese cabbage, kohlrabi and pok choi. 

In fact, the people who visited completed many items on a whole list of tasks.

The next day, when all of the glove wearing visitors had left, the farm was invaded by the giant HAAAACK and its mate.  The farmers, workers, cats, chickens, ducks, turkeys and earthworms looked on with concern.

The HAAAACK began to make a noise.


And it made that noise ALL day long until....


Now the farmers, workers, cats, chickens, ducks, turkeys and earthworms understood how the HAAAACK got its name.  None of them were pleased to have learned this.

There was a big mess to clean up, and there still wasn't a working well.  The farmers looked at each other and realized they didn't have many resources to help with the cleanup.
Then, they noticed that the little cat named Mrrranda was not paying attention to the mess left by the HAAACK.  She was looking in the other direction.

Something was lurking just on the other side of the farm...


This thrilling story to be continued...

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