Thursday, June 19, 2014

Now That's How You Weed the Onions!

One of the tasks on the farm that can take a VERY long time is weeding the onions (or the carrots).  Last year, we purchased a tool for a tractor that was intended to make onion weeding much easier.  We trialed it last year, but couldn't claim success simply because we were unable to get onions in the ground in time to get any real crop form them.

This year, they have been in for a while.  Long enough to get some weeds started. 

Setting up to run the flex tine on onions

Now that's just purdy!

And it worked on this row as well!
Of course, it did pull a few of the onions, but not very many.  With set up and a slow start to be sure we knew what we were doing, it probably only took 30 minutes to weed 600 feet of onions planted in triple rows.  Next time it will go even faster.

Is it perfect?  Of course not.  We didn't get out there early enough to catch all of the weeds before they got too big, so there are a few spots that will need hand weeding.  And, the Canada Thistle won't pull with this cultivator either.  But, when the option is spending hours with a crew of people pulling every little weed by hand and trying NOT to pull the onions - this is great!
It's nice when a tool works

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