Monday, November 16, 2015

How to Roll Up an Electric Fence

The following is a public service blog post for all of those people who have always wanted to know how to roll up the electric poultry netting that is commonly used by producers on small, diversified farms.  The following is done by professionals, do not attempt at home without a good sense of humor and a friendly cat.

The following TEN STEP PROCESS was compiled by Farm Supervisor Mrranda.

1. Let the human gather the fence and place it on the ground for rolling up.  This is the easy part and is not in need of illustration.

The remaining steps will each have a corresponding illustration.  Please observe carefully.  A badly rolled fence can reflect poorly on a good farm supervisor (cat).

2. Place yourself squarely in the center of the fencing.

3. Demand appropriate attention from the human.

4. Stretch out to cover more surface area on the fence

5. Make sure paws are clear of the roll of fencing as it moves toward you.
6. Retract claws and hold feet up to avoid snagging

7. Allow fence roll to push you onto your other side

8. Remove yourself prior to completion of the roll

9. Help pack the roll down in the center
10. Step forward to help roll the fence up the rest of the way
Well done, you've just rolled up an electric poultry netting fence!

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