Saturday, June 4, 2016

Just A Few Observations

This blog post has no agenda.  It has only one thing going for it.  It's a list!

1. Baseball Family in Mourning

Tammy's team: Minnesota Twins 16 - 38 (tied for worst record in baseball with Atlanta)
Rob's team: Cincinnati Reds 20-35 (3rd worst record in baseball)

There is very little joy in Mudville at the moment.  It's not a good thing when you hear that your team actually won a game and you're surprised.

I know, we've shown this before.  Give us a break, our teams stink.
2. Feeling Lonely?  Visit the Ocean.

Tammy and I decided that some of our travel pictures deserved to be printed and put on the walls of her office and/or our house.  We've been enjoying the process of rediscovering some of our favorite photos that we have only really looked at on our dirty computer screen.  (I really should get around to cleaning that).

I usually feel better after the ocean waves.
3. Maybe It's Time for a Haircut
Once we get into May, Rob has a hard time finding extra time - especially during the day - to do some of the little things.  Things like - getting a haircut.  However, there is also a limited amount of time that he can tolerate hair that gets tied into knots by the wind. 
And maybe Rob should shave too?
4. Not Going Through THAT Certification Process

I am sorry that I do not recall who pointed this picture out to us. There is a reason we take spell checking seriously at our farm.

I think we'll stick with organic certification, thank you.
5. Worthy of a Caption Contest

What is Farmer Jill of Blue Gate Farm telling our friends from Grinnell Heritage Farm and Scattergood Friends School Farm?

And more important - why is she holding a metal pipe in her hand?


  1. Jill conducts, the men prepare falsetto as they all serenade Rob's favorite cat:

  2. The following has been relayed to me by the cat in question:

    "I approve. I, the Sandman, have spoken."

    Of course, he would approve....


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