Sunday, June 19, 2016

Where Have You Bean?

'Tis the time of year when blogging time is very limited and Rob did a very bad job of lining up a bunch of posts that would require only little tweaks so that he could keep June interesting for all of you.

So, you're just going to have to deal with a little bit of dry (bean) humor. 

Ok, maybe the only humor here is the post label and the line just prior to this.  Otherwise, we are very SERIOUS people.  So there.

The bean box
We had a reasonable dry bean harvest last year.  But, per the norm, we just didn't find the time to shell the beans.  Until this Spring.  Tammy's parents were willing to take a design we found on the internet and try to implement it so we could speed the process a bit.  Happily, it sort of works.  I suspect we just need to get better at using it and it will be fine.  Thanks Mom & Dad!

Black Valentine with a few Jacob's Cattle thrown in
The good news is that we now have all of one container of unshelled beans left in the garage.  The rest have been shelled and are getting packaged up for distribution in next week's CSA.  How cool is that?

One of the great things about dry beans is that they store for a very long time with no real special storage conditions.  We just put them in a glass jar and they sit there and wait for us to soak them in water to use them when we want. 

The sad thing about beans - most of the puns are kind of redundant...  you know, things like
Bean there, done that.
If I planted in circles instead of rows, you could say I've bean around.
Or... perhaps you could go South to Cuba and visit the Carob bean Sea.

You're welcome!  And have a nice day.

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