Monday, May 7, 2018

Applecart Upset

Every year, it seems as if there are big things happening on the farm.  Some years we are putting up a high tunnel.  Or maybe a roof is being put on the granary.  Or... perhaps... your kitchen disappears.

Frankly, our house has gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to our resources UNLESS it is absolutely a critical repair (like the roof, well, furnace, windows - oh yes, they were critical...).  And, perhaps this one is actually no different than the others, since we were beginning to wonder if one of us would step through a hole in the kitchen floor.

I can see it now.  "Hey, where'd Tammy go?"
"I'm down here Rob."
"What are you doing in the basement?  I thought you were getting a glass out of the kitchen.... and why is it that I can actually see you and talk to you when I'm up here and you're down there?"

Of course, it's an old farmhouse that was built well before 1900 and there have been adaptations made (both good and bad) over the years.  There are issues.  And, no project is going to be as simple as you wanted it to be.  Therefore, our kitchen has disappeared.

The good news is that we now have a floor that we will NOT step through.  The other good news?  We're migrating parts of the kitchen to other locations so that we can make use of them both during AND after the transition.

Found: the kitchen sink
 You thought I was joking about that basement, didn't you?  Well, the kitchen cabinet and counter that go along with the kitchen sink found their way to that basement.  We've washed dishes in the bathtub before.  Actually, we did that for six months in a previous location.  Nope, not doing that again.

Ok, the location isn't beautiful..
 The great news is that this will serve as our egg cleaning sink once the kitchen has been completed.  Ok.  It serves as the egg cleaning sink now. But, it is still something we've been working towards for a while.  Mission accomplished. 
Not a bad sink in its own way
 There was actually a sink in this location already.  It just didn't have a configuration that lent itself to what we needed.  And... well... it didn't work either.  Now that it is down, we *might* be able to take the old faucet off and make use of the sink elsewhere.  But, that's for another day (or year).
Oh look!  The upper kitchen cabinets!
And, a story for another day.  The kitchen cabinets that migrated to the garage.  Who knows where they go next?

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