Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Click Here for Shocking Ways to Revive Your Meme-ory

In order to fulfill our "Ode to Clickbait" series goal of more than three posts, we now present you with something completely different!  Well, it is different for us.  We are actually going to re-use other people's work this time around and make this more of a click baity post!  Hurray for us.

Well, actually.  This is an opportunity to share some of the interesting things that have been shared with us over the past couple of years that fits, more or less, the definition of a meme.  If you don't know the new definition of the word meme, it refers to an image, video or text that copied and spread (and often modified) by internet users.

Whether it's a meme or not, it's the weather.

Oh!  Wait!  The first one we are sharing is not actually a meme.  It is a factual graphical representation of a ridiculous weather day last April.  The farm was in the Winter Weather Advisory officially, unofficially, we were in more than one category.  There was thundersnow and some rain, if I recall correctly.

We showed the last image so we could bridge to the meme at the right.  It was shared with us by several different people over the course of the past year.  Of course, we also saw the same meme with various other states (South Carolina, we're looking at you specifically) replacing the spot where Iowa is.

We can go on record that fans don't really work.  Neither do giant straws.  And, we couldn't move the giant sponge once it soaked up all it could hold, so never mind.

We will admit that strong winds do help dry out the soil.  But, we don't have any extension cords rated for the amount of power necessary to plug in a fan that is quite that big.  How about we just have an average precipitation year this time around?  We'll call that a plan and then we'll actually plan for that plan not to be followed.  There's a plan!

Since it is February and we have had some extreme cold temperatures of late, we thought we would do a public service announcement and share a temporary solution for those who might be filling a bit chilly.

Poultry in Motion
Since we do have chickens and turkeys (and we did have ducks) people could not resist sending us a poultry related meme or cartoon that plays around with those topics. 

While the first is not a meme, the second is most certainly a meme.  It was forwarded on to us by a farmer friend who is aware of our poor sense of humor.  We say I have a poor sense of humor because it seems people are in pain whenever we exhibit said sense of humor.  It must be the puns....

My response to this one was that the book in question was published in the late 1800's, which shows that the problem with ducks failing to pay their debt to society is a long-lived one.

Actually, we should have located this book when we were raising ducks.  Maybe we could have turned a profit with them then?

Cats up?
Other than poultry, cats are the animal most likely to appear on our blogs.  So, we thought we'd make sure this post also has cats in it.

Slippery Slope
I expect there will be at least one typo or poor word choice in this blog post.  It happens.  But, I do try to proof-read what I write, even if I know it is for a small audience.  The question is - did anyone try to proof-read this one?

It had to be the bananas?  They slipped on the peals and suffered brain damage.  That's got to be it.

I can just see the parent with their child in their lap.  The parent's brain 'auto-corrects' what they see and the poor child protests that this is not five.  Yet another child doomed to struggle in math.  Remember - 2 + 2 = 5 for extremely large values of 2.

Not to get stuck on math, we can also visit literature.  There was a series of memes that give extremely short, but disturbingly accurate summaries of well-regarded classical works.  I had to select the one that featured farming.  Because.  Well, whose blog is this anyway?

That's Where He Went!
I always wondered why Marvin wasn't in any more cartoons.  He's been waiting for us to land some of our rovers on Mars.

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