Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jeepers! Peepers!

Well, it has begun. We have baby chicks on the farm.

We have ten Bourbon Red Turkeys and 100 Black Broiler Chickens that we just picked up from the Decorah Chick Hatchery today.

It's always a bit of a chore and a wee bit of a shock when we get to the point in the Spring where the birds arrive. Rooms in the barn have to be cleaned up - this ALWAYS seems to wait until the week of their impending arrival. We have to move in the temporary boxes, get new bulbs for the heat lamps, pick up feed, bedding and any equipment that needs to be replaced. Then we get to write the check for the chicks. Now, we realize the hatcheries need to make their money - so we aren't complaining - but there is a little bit of sticker shock when you realize each turkey cost us $8.75. Oy.

On the plus side, these little turks seem to have a laid back, yet curious, attitude that we both already like. We'll try and get a picture out on the blog as soon as we are able.

The Bronze turkeys are due next week and the Freedom Ranger chickens are due tomorrow. When it rains poultry - it pours! Or, perhaps we just don't go paltry on the poultry.


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