Monday, October 26, 2009

Farm Report - End of October

It might seem a bit strange to put a farm report out here for this time of year. But, it is no less valid now than it is in August. Here are some things that are going on at the farm at this time:

All of our turkeys are spoken for at this time. They will be processed on November 13 and delivery will be arranged as we approach that date.
Of our 194 chickens, 175 have been spoken for. So, there are a few left! We were happy with the way this batch dressed out. Much better than the Spring group.
There are two ducks still available at this time. One is 6.5 lbs and one is 7 lbs.
Some of the young laying hens are beginning to provide us with a few eggs. We're hopeful that we will have more eggs than we know what to do with at some point in the not too distant future.

Fall Planting:
Yes, you read that correctly. There are things we need to plant in the Fall. The problem? It's been way too wet to do any such thing. Typically, we try to put in our garlic for next year prior to November 1st. That will be a challenge this year. Actually, we should just make the call and say that it won't happen. Not with the rain forecast for the second part of the week. Also, we typically are looking to put in cover crops. Well, we've been looking to do that now for several weeks. Same problem. We were also thinking about doing a pre-freeze planting of some short season crops (like spinach) to give them an early start next Spring. We'll see.

Fall Harvest:
The earlier cold weather forced the harvest of all of our winter squash and (as reported before) we have had to move them around from building to building. All of the potatoes are now in - and we can report that we picked a ton of potatoes. Literally. Well, more like 2300 pounds.

The intervals of rain and wind have made it impossible to put covers over our lettuce/pok choi. As a result, the plants continue to live - but not really grow. You may see a theme starting to take hold here.

Motivational Issues:
As our CSA customers (especially our Thus group) can attest. It has been cold, rainy and windy during distributions the last several weeks. Extrapolate that a bit and you might realize that this means R (and helpers) have done numerous bits of work on the farm while it was, well, cold, rainy and windy. Unfortunately, this led to a session with antiobiotics for a sinus infection.

Put difficult conditions together with not feeling one's best and you have motivational issues! But, some things are still getting done around the farm.

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