Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ou est Octobre?

Have any of you seen October out there recently? We haven't.

"normal" temps for October 11 are 65 degrees Fahrenheit for a high and 40 for a low.

We might have hit 40 for a high today - and likely didn't get there yesterday.

It turned out that R's prediction of October 4 for the first frost was fairly accurate with a very light frost on the farm that night that did little damage. Of course, the okra might beg to differ on that one. Usually, there is some nice weather after a first frost. Not this time.

Friday night got down to 26 on the farm. Saturday night down to 21.

For the uninitiated - most lettuce can handle temps to 24 degrees F. So, last night's low was a definite push. The plants look a little ragged, but have survived so far. We're waiting for the "normal" fall weather to return so we can get this last batch of lettuce matured....

Actually, it would be nice to stand outside for a CSA distribution and not feel quite so chilly one more time. Guess we're paying for all of that nice August-Sept weather!

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