Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jeff Vader Pyre

Not everyone knows of Jeff Vader. Jeff was the cottonwood that resided on the northwest corner of the farm when we first moved here. In fact, here is a picture.

This shows the tree after it was struck by lightning. Two-thirds of the tree is down at this point. Well, that two-thirds has been sitting in a pile out in the northwest pasture for a few years. Well, the grass around it can't be wetted down any more than it is! So, we lit the pile on fire this weekend. While it never really leapt into flame, it has smoldered for a few days and there is much less of Jeff than there was. When the tree was still standing, a bald eagle would periodically visit. Alas for Jeff, we hardly knew ye.


  1. Just curious... is that an Eddie Izzard reference??

  2. this is possible. However, I cannot be sure as to what those who named the tree meant to reference...


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