Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Farm Festival on Monday!

Come join us for our annual "Iris Fest" this Monday starting at 4pm.  We usually begin eating around 5pm.

We'll have room for kids to roam.  Bring games to play, chairs to sit in and jackets in case the weather is cooler than you expect (it is always cooler and windier in the country). 

We'll have sandwich makings available (either sloppy joes or turkey depending on time available) as well as lemonade and ice water, glasses and plates, forks, etc. 

We invite people to bring a dish to share (if someone is willing to provide s’more makings, let us know and we’ll get a bonfire going if the weather permits) – salad, dessert, etc.  If you bring a food to share, please consider also bringing a recipe or ingredient list taped to your dish so those with food sensitivities can easily see if they can eat the dish.

Rob & Tammy
Genuine Faux Farm

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