Thursday, May 23, 2013

Planting Progress

We try to do a little of this every season to keep everyone up to date with where we are at with getting things growing.

As stated before, we are feeling like we're under the gun right now.  Fields continue to be too wet to do much and the windows we've had for planting have been short.  Nonetheless, we've got some things in!

Short Season Crop plot:
450 feet of spinach went in just this week.  Also, 150' radish, 150' turnip, 150' arugula and 150' mustard greens and 150' swiss chard. 
On the negative, we have to report losses of the earlier planted swiss chard, pok choi and kohlrabi due to numerous circumstances.  It just was not meant to be.  But, the early lettuce crop has started to show positive growth.

Melons/Watermelon plot:
nothing in the ground.  Seeds in trays.

Pepper/Eggplant plot:
most plants transplanted from trays into pots.  Beans and okra for this field have yet to go in.

Garlic/Summer Squash plot:
Garlic is up and looking reasonably good with all of the new seed we bought.  Our retained seed only had about 5% germination.  Good thing we only planted 15% of the field with them.  1st and 2nd summer squash/zucchini planting in trays.  None in ground at this point.  But - we did get a turnip row in.  And, these aren't just any type of turnips.  these include Scarlet Ohno - we'll tell you more about them assuming they germinate and grow well.

Tomato/Basil plot
Nothing in the field, tomatoes all transplanted into pots and waiting patiently.

Pea/Cucumber plot
Peas all in the ground.  Pole beans for this plot all in.  Carrots are all in.  Cucumber succession 1 is sprouted in trays and waiting for a drier field for planting.

Brassica/Allia plot
Entirely too wet.  Lots of brassica (broccoli, cauliflower, etc) in trays.  Lots of onions in tubs waiting planting.  Lots and lots.  this could get nutty.

Winter squash plot
Nothing in.  Seeding in trays tomorrow.

Potato/bean plot
All potatoes in.  All beans in.  Companion flowers still need to be planted.

Corn/pumpkin plot.
We're not sure if we'll get to this one this year.  We might have to make adjustments if certain fields don't dry out.

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