Thursday, October 6, 2016

2016 Scavenger Hunt

The 2016 Scavenger Hunt at our Summer Festival was enjoyed by many people.  We've also had a tradition of posting some or all of the pictures on to the blog so those who did not attend could enjoy them and maybe make some guesses as to what these things might be (and where they are on the farm).
Didn't make the 'cut'
When we go out and take pictures for the Scavenger Hunt, we do so the same day of the event.  Why?  Well, things move around a good deal on the farm and we don't want to have something that requires people climbing around where it isn't safe, etc.

We have a certain number of slots to fill, so some of the pictures don't make it for one reason or another.  For example, the picture above is a small solar panel for some decorative lights on our front porch.  It didn't make it partly because there was another item that was pictured nearby that we thought was a better choice.  Plus, the camera focused on the reflection in this picture rather than the item.  Kind of neat, but not what we were aiming for.

Yes, it's a wheel.  The kicker was - could you find the RIGHT wheel?
We've got a little green trailer on the farm.  It has this keylock - so there.
Sometimes, a thing stands out because it shouldn't be there.  This is a tangle of Hortnova fencing hanging from the side of the high tunnel.
We have a trailer that has been used as a grass catcher.  This is the receiver for the discharge tube.
Some of the side roll-up mechanism on the Southeast corner of the Poultry Pavilion.  You'd have to look up.
An okra flower.  No, we didn't require that you find the exact okra flower.
Gate latch to the duck area.  We don't really use this anymore, but it's good fodder for Scavenger hunts.

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