Sunday, June 25, 2017

Grand Iris Tour of 2017 - More For Your Money!

Just because we said we took our "Grand Iris Tour" of our farm one evening does NOT mean we ignored the iris on other days.  However, I apparently thought that was the case until I went to download a more recent batch of photos from the camera and found MORE iris pictures.
For the iris shown here, they would be the 'late bloomers' on our farm.  We had already taken our "Grand Iris Tour," then these popped open and said, "Time for another tour!"
Silverado is another iris that has been with us since we started growing iris.  It's liked some years and places we've lived better than others, but I'm not sure it's missed an appearance yet.  I was beginning to wonder about it this year.

Triple Whammy
We have a couple of 'space age' iris.  They are so called because the beards stand up on them.  The other we have on our farm is Thornbird, which also bloomed this year and appears in the prior post.

We had a favorite named Liaison that we think went away, but this one is similar.   We think the name is Prince George - or something like that.  Doesn't matter, it bloomed.  And we liked it.  Sometimes an iris will put up a weak attempt at a flower stalk and still manage a flower - which was the case with this one this season.  One thin stalk, two flower buds, and it was done.
It may seem like we grow our iris in isolation based on some of the pictures, but you can't really control iris that way.  They tend to move as the rhizome's grow.  The old portions die off and the new portions send up shoots the following year.  The net result, you can't expect iris to stay in the exact location from year to year, but they won't move too far in one season.  However, if it has been five (or ten) growing seasons, you could be surprised where they turn up!

We hope you enjoyed the addition to our Grand Iris Tour.

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