Thursday, June 22, 2017

Rain Date

What happens when it rains cats and dogs on the farm?

No, really, the weather station says it was raining cats n dogs.  Honest!
Well, if you are two veggie farmers who didn't sleep much the night before, you are both annoyed and happy... at the same time. 
On the other hand, you begin to realize that Thursday is a CSA delivery day.  Uh oh.  Do we really want to harvest in that?  No.  So, add in some light hail and some lightning.  Ugh.
Happily, the solution for this time of year and the current state of the farm is to reschedule the delivery for one of our open dates later in the season.  Ok, we're back to being just fine with the situation.  But, you better believe that if this happens again, we'll be figuring something out to get it all done.  It just turned out to be nice that we built in a safety valve in our schedule to allow this to be dealt with in this fashion.

For those who are curious - as of 6:00 PM we were at a total of 2 inches of rain for the day (and another quarter inch the day before).  The hail did very little damage - and what it did do, the plants should be able to grow out of it.  No farmers were struck by lightning, though they were once again awed by how nature works.

So, what did the farmers do today?  Well, Tammy had some significant work to do for her 'real' job and Rob had a good deal of record keeping, bill paying, checkbook balancing and even a little blog writing to do.

Our "official" cancellation notice is here:
We are officially canceling today's CSA and egg distribution in Cedar Falls.  If you have questions, feel free to call.  Next thursday will be delivery 7 - so odd delivery shares will still be up next week.  We will plan on doing the garlic scape pesto in Cedar Falls next week as well.

Do not fear, we have some 'off days' scheduled on the calendar and we'll just move this delivery to one of those.  You will NOT miss a delivery, it is just getting 'relocated.'

We apologize to those of you who have already ordered eggs. If you have great need of them, I am sure something can be arranged in the next few days.  If not, we'll see you next week.

Why are we postponing today's delivery to another date?

Well, we're really, really wet all of a sudden and we have more coming.  But, the real kicker is the lightning.  We will not go out and harvest in that.  We ran hard until 10pm last night trying to get things done in the field before the possible rain and didn't have time to harvest.  There hasn't been much chance to do anything other than normal animal chores this morning.  In short, we likely won't have enough time to get things picked for you.

And, to be perfectly frank, none of the items we have to pick are in desperate need for harvest.  In many ways, the postponement works in your favor since it gives crops more time to grow and move forward.

We apologize for any convenience this may have caused you.

Your damp farmers,

Rob & Tammy Faux

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