Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Just One of "Those" Days

Bree and Hobnob don't always show up on our blog.  They are our Indoor Farm Management Staff and their jobs are extremely important.

At least that's what they tell me.  Every day.

You know it's been a long day when....
Our Indoor Farm Management Staff is less than enamored with the longest days of the year that occur from mid June to mid July.  They do not see their humans all that much.  And, when they do, said humans are either dashing back and forth doing 'stuff' or they're hot and sweaty (and dashing back and forth) OR they're closing up things for the night and going to bed (after dashing around a bit).

That last doesn't usually matter because these two are usually ready to shut down for the night by the time the humans are ready to do so.  After all, these are long days for managers too!

Bree (on the right) is clearly very tired and does not really care about her sisters plight.  Hobnob, on the other hand, has the grumpy look only a cat can manage when there are cobwebs stuff to their ears.

Normally, the house staff (Rob and Tammy) takes care of any cleaning, but Hobnob decided things were getting out of hand and took matters into her own... um...  ears?

After suffering the indignity of a photo, her human servant finally removed the offending cobwebs.

She'll forgive me.

In December.

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