Monday, July 24, 2017

Mini Snort!

A few years ago, we had to put in a new well and we wrote a series of stories about the "SNORT" that visited our farm - much to our chagrin.   The Snort visited us again a couple of years ago when we ran water lines to the new high tunnel. 

The Mini-Snort
It turns out the Snort wasn't available to come out and help us fix a hydrant that had broken, so we got its little brother the "Mini-Snort" to visit us.  As always, much to our chagrin... Snorts always bring about chagrin.  Don't ask me why, I just know it is true.
The Mini-Snort made a right nice little mess for us in hopes that we could find the line that led to the broken hydrant.  Apparently, such things are not simple here.  But, it was, eventually, found.

One works, one doesn't work.
Now we just need to flatten the dirt out somewhat....

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