Saturday, July 8, 2017

Music to Wheel Hoe By

One of the things that keeps me going when I have just "a few thousand more row feet" to wheel hoe is some good music.

Don't know what a wheel hoe is?
Hey!  There's one leaning on the cart!
It's a walk-behind cultivator where you are the engine.  Sometimes, when the soil is right and the weeds are small, you can cover a good deal of ground in a hurry.  Other times, when the weeds are bigger - it can be a bit of a struggle.
Like the taller weeds in the potatoes this year
Running a wheel hoe is "serious business" folks.  You have to have your game on to be successful.  So, I find some good upbeat music to get me going.  Maybe a little TobyMac and "This is Not a Test"

And you've got to wheel hoe like you mean it.  Getting a couple of songs with a good beat always seems to help keep you going.  In fact, I've been thinking about starting a class of wheel hoeroebics.   Who's with me on that one?  Well, maybe you'll be motivated by Switchfoot's "Say It Like You Mean It."

Once you get to the end of a row, whether it is 50 feet, 200 feet or 800 feet, you have to have some more bouncy music so you can turn around and go after it again!  Maybe "Spin You Around" by the Choir will help with that?

Then, once you have completed your task, you can celebrate a little.  Maybe you'll feel like you're "On Top Of the World" (Imagine Dragons).

So, why did I make this particular post?  Someone asked me how it was I could wheel hoe for as long as I do.  The key is the music.  Some good, upbeat music goes a long ways towards encouraging me to run just one more row.  And, then, just another row.

I suppose another key is that my body type is probably one of the better ones for plowing along with a wheel hoe.  But, I'd rather just say it's the music. 

And now you know.

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