Sunday, August 13, 2017

Using Those Veggies Isn't So Hard!

We certainly understand that the volume of vegetables provided in our shares can sometimes overwhelm.  We are also aware that there are vegetables that various people don't always like.  That's ok, we all have our favorites and we all have our taste preferences.  But, we still believe that many of us will find that some of the vegetables and foods that we "don't like" are just waiting for the right preparation method that could change our minds.

In order to set up this story properly, we would like to remind you about this Eggplant story.  You should go read it, we'll wait here for you. Honest, it will tell you something about one of your personal farmers!

Pintung Long eggplant
Now that you have the backstory.  Wait!  You didn't read it?  Get with the program now!  The rest of us will wait here while you do that.

Ok, now that we're all caught up and we all know the lengths to which Tammy will go to avoid eggplant, we bring you the following:

Jocelyn has been working on the farm this Summer and she does get some produce to use as she sees fit as part of her reward for weeding and helping reap.  She put together the following "egg bake" dish and brought it for all of us to share for lunch on Thursday of the past week.  Jocelyn did NOT tell us which veggies were in the dish and she enjoyed our guessing which vegetables and spices were in there.  However, the real fun came as Jocelyn, Rob and Caleb waited for Tammy to realize that there was EGGPLANT among the ingredients.  Please note that she had already given this dish a thumbs up!

The great news about this one?  It is easy and you can make changes based on what you have available and what you prefer to use.

Here is what Jocelyn sent to us with permission to post and share:
Ingredient Dump Egg Bake: 
*These are approximations and there is room for moderation at your personal desire. 

Dice up the following: 
1 medium Summer squash
1/2 large Kohlrabi 
1 medium Onion (including greens) 
2 Turnips
1/2 small eggplant (without skin) 
1 green pepper 
A few shakes of pepper 
3  dried and smashed Basil leaves 
a couple sprinkles Dill 
1 strand of dried Oregano
A good dusting of garlic powder
2 dashes of salt  
Whisk together 
Approx. 10 eggs and a dump of 1% white milk (air on the side of a little milky) 

Add all together with a handful of shredded Parmesan cheese and half a handful of shredded Colby Jack 
(Or whatever cheese you happen to have in your refrigerator) 
After briefly mixing, dump into grease 9x13.  Bake at about 425 degrees until the egg is not raw but not too long that the bottom is burnt.  

Add diced tomatoes on top when eating 
Add potatoes/hash browns on bottom of pan  
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