Friday, February 20, 2009

We're nuts...

But, of course - you already knew that.

We realize we aren't really all that big in terms of farms - or even CSA's. We have only five acres of vegetable plots and our entire farm is 14 or 15 acres (depending on the day and which number pops into our heads when asked). We have 93 CSA members signed up for this year.

Conventional farmers look at 14 acres and call it a 'hobby farm' and we are also aware of numerous CSA's that have hundreds of members. So, in the grand scheme of things - we're small.

But, in comparison to how we USED to think of things - this is big.

For example, we used to go looking for a new tree or a couple of bushes. Or, for that matter, we might consider a group of 25 bare root shrubs to give us a hedge line. That WAS considered a huge move.

So, what do we do now as a small project? We order a couple hundred bareroot trees/shrubs from the DNR. One hundred Nanking Cherries, 50 Hazelnut and 50 Norway Spruce. That's all. Thing is - this isn't the first time we've ordered from the DNR. Below you can see a two year old(!?) pic from one of our plots. In the foreground - you can see zucchini and summer squash. In the background, you can see our highbush cranberries and wild plums. they are twice that size now (the cranberries & plums - it's a wee bit too much to expect of summer squash and zucchini). I think we had 500 plants in that order.

Can't do anything small anymore.

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