Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm game, are you?

I mentioned in the previous post that T and I have been playing more board and card games given the reduction in tele time. That got me to thinking (dangerous pastime!).

We've always enjoyed playing card games with the occasional board game thrown into the mix. But, lately we (well, mostly I) have been less motivated to crack out the cards and play. This may be, in part, because many of the games I enjoy most are three or four player games. Last count, there were two of us. That makes those games a bit of a challenge.

But, thanks to a number of good friends (EW, the Banality's and Ben to sort of name a few) we have been exposed to some new games - at least new to us. We now find ourselves regularly playing Ticket to Ride (Scandinavia) and Lost Cities. And, as a result, I find myself feeling more interested in other games we have played in the past (cribbage, chicken feet, etc).

Having periodic games nights were always a big deal in my family. Everyone was focused on enjoying each others company and the day's residue was typically wiped away as we played the game. It was a great way for the kids to learn how to succeed and fail gracefully in a situation that didn't really have any greater consequence other than your piece didn't get to Candyland first.

For the two of us, the real benefit is that we can spend some time doing something together that isn't farm or school related. Even better, we usually don' t care so much who wins. In fact, our approach to Ticket is often based on acquiring more destination cards because we can't contain our curiosity as to a) which one is next in the pile and b) can I find a way to complete that one in addition to the others? We realize we could play harder to win - but why? We're enjoying ourselves. In some ways, the game has become a mutual puzzle - how can I protect where I need to go and still give T a chance to go where she needs to go? And, if I force her to go that way - will she get in my way later?

As the growing season gets going I am hopeful we can continue to find a way to use these games to give our days balance.

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  1. Awesome. I love that you play Ticket to Ride as a cooperative game.


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