Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Winding Up

The wind is winding up. Say that however you would like.

During most of the rest of the year, T & I blissfully forget exactly how windy it gets on the farm in the Spring. The weather may be getting nicer in terms of temperature, length of day and amount of sunshine - but the wind can turn what looks like a beautiful day into a bit of a struggle for us.

I was just reminded this AM that my eyes will be taking a bit of a beating through the first part of the growing season. Just enough so that I might reconsider finding some biking glasses to wear during the windiest of days.

I do get extra exercise chasing my hat around after it blows off my head. Or chasing plastic trays (used for starting plants). Or chasing row covers. Or chasing anything else that isn't anchored to the ground and relatively heavy for that matter.

It is a bit humorous watching the cats try to walk in this wind. If they try to walk perpendicular to the wind direction, they tend to walk just a bit 'crooked' with the back end being a bit off-center. A few weeks ago, I actually saw DB slide across an ice patch because the wind pushed him sideways on it. While he didn't think it was funny, I did - until my hat blew off.

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