Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wait A Minute

First, a post various people have said they enjoyed about the varying stages of acceptance of rain induced wetness can be found here. It is one of our top ten posts all time. I suspect Tammy reached stage five yesterday, but had to quit because she had to go in to work and you shouldn't pick green beans when they are wet if you can help it.

Second, another popular post was our Law of Expanding Lists post.

Why bring these up?

Because I have a new list! The Wait A Minute or What's Your Hurry? list. We often find ourselves on the short side of time on distribution days. And, here are several ways life on the farm slows us down (whether we want to or not).

  • If you reach Stage 3 or higher of our "rainy day stages" and you have a distribution or market to go to, you will be required to change your attire. Have you tried recently to change clothing QUICKLY when you are soaked? I think you all know what I mean. Shirts, underwear, etc all like to roll up into a ball as you try to take them off. There is no way to do this quickly. But, wait, there's more. Try putting dry clothing on quickly! It doesn't work. If you've gotten rain soaked you just can't dry off with a towel as effectively as you can when you take a shower. You either have to be patient and air dry a bit or go through the whole "rolling up" thing with the dry clothing too. UGH! *and no, I did NOT hear your suggestion about au naturale* And, the side effect is seen in the laundry as well. Those tightly rolled balls of cloth are SOCKS. I think.
  • And in reference to the Law of Expanding Lists. Imagine being in a hurry. But, you have to record something before it gets forgotten. And, it WILL be forgotten if you don't write it down. You get the paper, you get the writing utensil, you write it down. You pause. Something else just came to mind. No, you have to hurry. But, you MUST write it down or you will forget. So, you write it down. Then two more things pop into your brain...... Try explaining this to people when you aren't on time.
  • There is nothing like a batch of ripe tomatoes to slow one down. Why? Because, your tomatoes are nothing if you run back with your cart over the rough terrain between the field and the packing building.
  • Playing weather predictor is always a good way to stop the train that is our departure for distribution or market. "Hm... those clouds look semi-serious. Should we?" "Do we HAVE to?" "Ya." Put down the cold frame covers, close the house windows, roll down the high tunnel sides, put anything that might blow away into a building, move the tools into the building (you know, the ones you should have put away anyway but wisely thought could wait until you came back). etc etc.
  • You packed the truck. It is well-packed. In fact, you are all the way to the back of the truck now. And someone points out that there are three white trays sitting over there (who cares where exactly) that need to go too. The only way to get them into the truck? Unpack the truck and stack the trays in the front with one more tier.
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Where are my keys. I just had them. Are they on the key hook? No. In one of the pairs of jeans I had to change out of because of a pair of stage 4 events? No. In the car? No. Garage? No. Kitchen table? No. Desk? No. um.... How about ignition of the truck. oh.

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  1. LOVE this list... if not what inspired it. And thank you for delivering that day... with us not home and delegating, it made me breathe easier.


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