Saturday, December 4, 2010

Catch you up

I was reviewing recent posts and realized that there may be a number of things that might feel like we left you dangling.  Since we 'hate dangling...' (see Lion King)  here are some things that *may* provide closure or a cathartic release:

Waverly Harvest Market
We did, in fact, have the Waverly Harvest Market in Waverly on Saturday.  There was very little snow in Waverly itself, but we did have 4-5 inches on the farm.  Several vendors canceled and we had a small group at the Waverly Community Center from 8:30-11:30.  Even with the small group, the number of vendors usually outnumbered the number of customers.  Ah well, that's what we feared might happen.  The good (?) news is the fact that we could not pick anything from the high tunnel for the market.  So, we arrived with jam, scones, eggs, garlic, cotton bags with our logo and a few cookbooks.  Not much at all for us, but we felt it necessary to be there.  Many thanks to those who took the time to be a vendor or stop by the market!  Reference: This Could Be Interesting

High Tunnel and cold weather
Not much sun until Saturday afternoon.  We're hoping the poor plants in the high tunnel soak up some sun now.  We were unable to pick anything for market because everything was frozen.  We are rapidly learning that you have to pick on the sunny days and try to store produce if you want to deliver it at a certain time.  We hope things perk up.  But, if they don't - it's been a good learning experience.  Reference: HI! Tunnel

Iowa Organics Conference
We did successfully present at the Iowa Organics Conference and enjoyed it very much.  It's always nice to have people interested in what you have to say.  I was also lucky enough to speak to an Environmental Biology class this week.  'Tis the season to hold forth with wise and witty sayings.  Wish I could manage it! Reference: Late night stuff

Durnik Does Work
With the frost reaching the soil, the time for using Durnik in the field (our tractor) is done for this season.  But, we were able to break up some serious hard pan in many areas of our fields.  We are anxious to see how this translates into our growing season.  Reference: Durnik at Work

The Nations Cup tournament for Ticket to Ride is continuing.  But, USA Team II lost out in the quarterfinals of the knock out round to Germany I.  It was enjoyable to play some very good players.  Yours truly was able to muster a 3-3 match record.  For a first appearance, I'll consider it a success.  Reference: Wait! This isn't farm related!

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