Thursday, March 1, 2012

Everything That's On My Mind

You know, I've been thinking.
A dangerous pastime.
I know....

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately - but that's part of what the Winter months are all about.  For the most part, I enjoy thinking, considering and planning for the growing season.  On the other hand, it gets frustrating when you are aware that there are no "right" answers other than this:


The hard part about that answer is determining exactly what IT depends ON.

Most things on the farm depend on time.  To be more specific, they depend on how much time we have to spend on ... well... whatever it is we are considering.  Assuming we have the time, there is the matter of motivation.  There are just some times when we don't want to do much of anything.  This hits home this time of year more than any other.  We're fully aware that once we really start rolling on the farm, the rolling will not stop until December.  Forgive us if we are just a little bit loathe to start that treadmill.  Nonetheless, we are already walking on that treadmill whether we want it or not.  Today's errands to pick up chicken feed (3000 lbs) and then a truckload of seed starting mix tells us it has begun. 

Then there is the issue of money and resources.  What can we and what should be spend where?  Which projects get priority?  How many can we do?  Which ones are critical?  This is tied in nicely with the issue of securing the income by getting more people to sign up for the CSA.  And, of course, getting the billing out for the year.  Which brings us back to time.  Guess we're going to have to jump into that circle somewhere!

It's time to think a bit less and do a bit more.   Here we go!

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