Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our first 2012 CSA "Newsletter"

Below is the email (edited slightly for each distribution group and combined here) sent to those who are already signed up for our 2012 Farm Share CSA.

If you did not receive this email, but expected to - contact us!   It is possible we have the wrong email address OR we don't know you want to be a part of our program this year. 

Greetings all!

March is time to begin thinking Spring.  And, for us, it is time to do something about Spring heading our way!

We have sent out emails for each of our 2012 Farm Share CSA distribution (Waverly, Cedar Falls and Tripoli).  If this email is going to one of your email addresses that is inappropriate for Farm Share CSA announcements, please indicate this to us at this time.  This is our primary method of making announcements and we will send out emails weekly during the distribution season (June - October).  Thus, we need at least *one* email contact that will reliably receive and be able to read these emails.  If you are splitting a share, we want certain that each family unit has an email so no one is inadvertently left out.

This email is atypical because we are cc'ing all members of the list at this time.  This will allow you to look and see what addresses are on the list in case a person you share with is *not* there.  Typically, we will use a blind CC for security purposes.

And now, a brief Genuine Faux Farm newsletter:

Watch Snail Mail: Yes, we just sent out the billing for 2012 shares.  Even if you have paid, or you use electronic bill pay, we would appreciate it if you return the lower portion appropriately filled out.  The top half is for your records.  Among the things we are asking for are primary phone and email information.  We found that we had a number of members last year where we had no phone number.  Thus, we were unable to call them late in a distribution to remind them about pick up.

Farm Shares Still Available: We still have many spots available in our program.  We're doing what we can to get the word out.  But, our best advertising is YOU!  People will respond when someone they know vouches for a business or program in much higher numbers than they will for any other advertising.  We do understand that this program is not for everyone, but we also believe there are enough people out there for us to fill all 120 slots this season.

Payment Plans: We recognize that the economy works from the coasts to the interior.  That means we're having some difficulties with our economy.  We don't want anyone to feel priced out of our program.  The price per week is quite reasonable and you do get excellent value for your share price.  But, the large check at the beginning of the season may be daunting.  We will work with any reasonable payment plan as long as you help us do the tracking.  The bookkeeper on the farm *IS* the farmer.  He gets kind of busy mid season and can use the help.

Change of Venue: Many of you may already know this, but we ARE moving in 2012.  We will now distribute produce at Hansen's Outlet.  They have been kind enough to offer use of the parking area behind their retail space.  We were becoming increasingly concerned about the traffic combined with a growing number of children coming to our distributions.  The Roots parking lot is simply not meant for the type of setup we require to do our distributions.  The good news is that we are still only a few blocks from Roots.  So, you have the convenience of being able to get dairy products, meat products and other grocery items at Hansen's AND you can make a run to Roots for other items on your shopping list.

Feedback Welcome:  We do appreciate feedback on the services we provide.  Tell us what is going right and what is not.  We'll try to keep doing the things you like and change the things you do not.  This will be our 8th year, so we have the feeling that we are starting to get the hang of this!

Farm Work
:  In addition to Rob and Tammy, Jeff Sage will be working to make the Farm Share CSA successful again this season.  We have also identified one person who will work with us during the summer months at the farm and another who will help us at the distribution.

In a fix trying to get to a distribution this year?  There are a few of you who occasionally run into a series of events that prevent you from getting to the distribution.  We are looking at the option of having a person take care of handling these shares for you when this happens.  We are uncertain as to how this might work, but it could take the form of leaving at this persons home to extend the hours.  Or, if there are issues with transportation, we are looking at delivery options for those cases.  We are looking for your thoughts on these things.

Tripoli Delivery  At this point, we are still planning on a Wednesday delivery to your location.  There are currently only two shares in Tripoli.  If more are added, we will deliver to them or find an amenable drop off location on Wednesday.

Egg Shares: For those of you interested in eggs and those who are currently buying eggs from us.  To help us with tracking, we are going to work to make sure all current contracts run out prior to our distribution season.  If you want eggs during the season, we will have you take out a contract(s) for the entire season.  More details forthcoming, but feel free to express interest in eggs and we'll fill the shares in first come first served order.

Thank you for reading all the way to the bottom! 

Rob & Tammy Faux

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