Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Let Me Sum Up...

There is too much, so you'll have to do with a summary:

  • We are sitting at 95 CSA members right now.  Our goal is still 120.  We like to balance things out and have a few more Waverly folk join us.  Split is 38 Waverly, 3 Tripoli, 54 Cedar Falls
  • Thank you to all of you who have been so prompt with payments after receiving the bill and SASE in the mail.  The Spring purchases for farm tools, seeds, etc continue at a reasonable pace.
  • Speaking of purchases, there is an auction coming up we plan on attending.  We've got some specific goals for that auction.  Let's hope we can meet them.
  • Spring extended season CSA is getting set up now.  We'll be in touch with those of you who have participated in the past first.
  • Why are we getting on the Spring season share now?  Well, we have lots of kale, spinach, mustard and other things growing in the high tunnel.
  • The spinach, arugula, mustard and radish we put in about a week ago in the field - already up.  Wow.
  • The raised bed implement has been created, now we just have to go get it and paint it.  
  • The disk harrow has been partially disassembled and its needs have been identified.  Hopefully it can be completed in the next week so we can use it soon!
  • We have some flat tires to fix on wheel hoes and carts.  Nothing major, just means we're working on getting tools ready for use.
  • Seed trays are getting filled so we can seed LOTS of things today.
  • Trying to get some mice caught so they stop digging in our trays and eating the seed we plant.  We're NOT happy with that one.
  • Cold frames are out (except two).  We need to fix a couple and finish cleaning up their area to use them.
  • Tom Sawyer Day?  Anyone for a TSD this coming weekend?  Saturday's weather is supposed to be nice and we have a long task list that would be friendly to a group of people being involved.  This would be our first EVER March TSD.
  • Go Green Fair - we'll be at the Go Green Fair at the W on Sunday.  Come say hello.  And, if you were thinking about signing up (we're looking at you Waverly folks!) stop by and ask questions and see if we can convince you.
  • Tammy will be staffing the Waverly Community Gardens table and Rick Montgomery will hold a table for the Waverly Farmers' Market.  Yours truly will staff the GFF booth.
  • We have a presentation coming up on Thursday at the Waverly Hospital.  Looking forward to it.
  • The Gang of Four (four farms from Iowa who visit each other during the season for a work day) will be having a pre-season gathering coming up at the end of the week.
  • Hens are laying!  'Nuff said.
  • We start getting chicks at the farm around April 14.  Uh oh.
  • Been catching lots of raccoon in the live traps.  So far they haven't hurt the chickens, but have bothered the bees and things in one of our buildings.  Minor, but irritating and often a prelude to more.  We're working to prevent it.
  • 45 bags of seed starting mix in the garage, 45 bags of seed starting mix!  Take one out....etc etc...
  • Garlic is up (8 inches above the mulch line already)
  • Durnik, the Ford 8 1/2 N tractor, started right up this Spring.  Looks like he wants a good run at this year.  Barty, the BCS tiller also took little coaxing.  Biter and Beater (the two lawn tractors) hesitated only a little.  A flat tire on one.   An oil change due in the other.
  • We're working on the employment scenario for 2012 summer.  It always takes more effort than we think it should.  Here's hoping we can get the right crew together for the year.
  • Jeans and barn lime.  Yes, that was the purchase at a store recently.  
  • Still have a couple of turkeys in the freezer we would like to sell.
  • Speaking of freezers, the time has come where we are going to try to combine everything into one of these so we can at least have a month or two where our electric bill isn't handling three of them where one might suffice.  Still some question as to whether it will all fit in one.
  • Speaking of electric use, ours goes up about this time with the use of grow lights, heat mats and more water.
  • Travels are over for us.  And, I think we're both grateful that they are done.  We enjoyed the opportunities, but the 'digging out' after returning is always difficult.

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