Monday, April 2, 2012

It's Late, But So What?

  • On-farm Energy Production

    Tom Sawyer Days at the Genuine Faux Farm will have a whole new look and feel as a new purpose will be added. The addition of a local fuel production plant in Tripoli will encourage more small farms to grow dry beans with the express purpose of collecting methane gas.  GFF plans to ramp up dry bean production and increase the number of festival days in an effort to support renewable energy.
  • Packaging Options

    A combination of wax and plastic will be used in an effort to meet new food safety regulations. A wax coating will be placed on each individual vegetable, which will then be surrounded by a vacuum wrap plastic. In an effort to also support recycling, GFF will encourage customers to reuse the plastic for lunchtime sandwiches. Also, a wick will be placed into the wax for each fruit, thus allowing your produce to double as a scented candle - as well as a delicious and healthy part of your meal.
  • All Action No Talk

    An "All Action, No Talk Day" is being scheduled and sponsored by the Genuine Faux Farm.  Those interested will be required to attend three informational meetings prior to attending the actual event.  Those interested should probably say something.  But, you can put off doing anything else.
  • Weed Maze 2012

    GFF enters agritourism with first annual weed maze.   Anticipated opening of the maze is sometime in August when the foxtail, pigweed and giant ragweed have had a chance to reach their growth potential.  Tammy was quoted as saying that this would work as long as those pesky tomatoes weren't always in the way.  An attempt to have a weed maze in 2011 was thwarted when the worker who was sent to mow the maze path was lost.  Recent field clean up revealed that the worker had survived the mild winter, eating frozen tomatoes and field mice.   
  •  New Pen Pal Program

    In an effort to improve the general public's connection with their food, GFF introduces a new pen pal program.  Persons interested in getting to know their food will be allowed to pair up with different plants or animals on the farm to exchange letters.  While this may seem a bit odd to some, Rob points out that, "plants and animals thrive under attentive care.  Finding ways to show that you care results in a healthier and happier creature.  We're pretty sure we can figure out a way to make this work, but participants may have to send one letter (of the alphabet) at a time.  Hey, there's more than one reason it's called the 'Slow Food Movement.'"  Imagine getting to know your own personal radish or garlic friend.  Just watch out for the common taters, you won't get a word in edgewise.  Interested persons should send their first letter, with a request for a particular plant or animal to GFF at PO Box 121 Tripoli, IA 50676.


  1. Stephanie7:51 PM

    I shouldn't read when I am tired. It wasn't until I got to the weed maze that I realized it was written for April Fools' Day. I was already getting worked up about the stupid agricultural industry that would require you to individually wrap all your veggies in plastic.

  2. ahhhhhhhh! Happiness! When one does an April Fool's day post you hope to get someone going for at least half a second. If it helps Stephanie, we have been informed that you are not the only one who got caught for a few seconds.

    The sad thing about this - we can all believe at some level that packaging and other rules could become ridiculous for small farms such as ours.

    The great thing about it? People such as yourself think enough about what we do to be indignant on our behalf. At least we'll take it as a compliment in that way.

    Hope everyone is enjoying the fun we've provided above!

    R & T


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