Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Balls of Fluff

Below is the 'egg newsletter' Tammy sent out this week.  Rob usually puts the posts out in the blog - but we're finding this is a good way for Tammy to get some time in the blog as well.

Eggs delivery on Tuesday!  This Tuesday (April 17th), we will be at the Konditerei (Wartburg) from 10-noon, CEEE (if anyone requests) at UNI from 4:30-4:45 and Rudy’s Tacos (Waterloo) (parking lot from 5:15-5:30 and in the restaurant until about 7pm).  Please email to let me know how many dozen you would like and where you will pick up.  Call if one of these times does not work for you.

(ed note: it really does help if we get a note that you want eggs and how many first.  Remember, we have to pack them and bring them along.)

A little break this week from introducing the “ladies” to introduce you to the babies.  Yep – GFF sounds (and smells) like an animal farm this week.  I picked up 75 day old pullets (baby laying hen) at Hoover Hatchery in Rudd (25 are for a friend of ours) on Thursday.  Since the Poultry Pavilion remodeling project is not done, they are being temporarily housed in the garage.  The real surprise came on Friday when we got a call saying the broiler chicks had arrived (we have them mailed from the hatchery in PA to the Waterloo post office)!  We had not expected the 250 chicks until the following week.  So, we scrambled about, cleaned the garage and made room for 2 more brooder boxes and now have 250 broiler chicks and 75 hen chicks.  EEK!

This new batch of hens is a mix of Buff Orphington, California White and Americana.  Some of the chicks consented to pose for me.  The picture with the 3 chicks are the broilers – a breed called Freedom Ranger.  The Rangers (aka “The Boyus) will be cute for about 2 weeks and then spend the next 9 weeks being eating machines.  The hens grow much more slowly and will look like chicks for about 6 weeks, but don’t reach full size for about 20 weeks.

California White (hen)

Buff Orpington (hen)

Americana (hen - lays the green/blue eggs)

 Freedom Ranger (broilers)

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