Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Iowan

Our friend, Josh Dolezal, recently had an article published by The Iowan.

It just so happens that Genuine Faux Farm is one of four farms featured in this article along with Blue Gate Farm, Grinnell Heritage Farm and Scattergood Friends School Farm.

Faces familiar to those of you who follow us, are CSA members or know us somehow, will be on page 6.  But, we encourage you to read about each farm.  We are honored to be included in an article with these people.

If you are trying to figure out why you may have heard of each of these farms prior to this point, you may have read that we have farm visit days with three other farms.

These be them!

And, CSA folk, you have received produce from Scattergood and Grinnell Heritage this season.  Both were able to help us out when we lost crops to the spraying.  And, since we lost most of our garlic seed this year to disease, we will be buying Blue Gate Farm garlic.  So, you get a little bit of each farm through us.

Rob & Tammy

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