Thursday, September 13, 2012

Where the Wind Blows (and other things farm related)

We must be moving out of Summer and into Fall.  The winds are starting to get their bite back.  Yesterday, the prediction was for winds at 5 to 8 miles an hour.  I really should know better than to accept the forecast at face value.  But, I did.  Just wasn't quite prepared for the wind (yep, that was my hat that went by...again).

Fall is also a time for some introspection and/or reflection.  For example, I was just trying to remember if I chose to lead with my left or right leg when I tried the hurdles in junior high school in our gym class track unit.  Before you laugh at me too much, you need to realize that there are a number of things I do, or have done, where I've actually had to decide which side of my body would be the dominant side.  At one point I played racquetball and I had no backhand.  Why?  I swapped hands so that I was always hitting forehand.  The problem with that?  What happens when you don't decide fast enough which hand you will hit the ball with?

And what, pray tell, does this have to do with the farm?

Chumley, our new truck, is a bit higher off the ground than Grover was at the tailgate.  To crawl into the truck, I have to stretch a bit and it reminds me of the trailing leg in hurdles.  So far, I've favored going up on the left leg first.  But, that may have to do with the bruise on the right knee.

Hey, you wanted to know!  (now you may laugh at me all you want)

Farm News Shorts
  • We can now honestly say that we have harvested over a half ton of green beans on our farm this season.  "half ton" and "green bean" in the same sentence.  Cool.
  • Ducks will be going to the processor on Sep 23/24.  Who wants one (or more)?
  • We also crossed the 5000 cucumber barrier this week for the year.  That is another landmark to indicate a crop with a good year.  No where near our record year, but that isn't the point.  We managed to keep the cucumbers going through the hot and dry and we were rewarded.  That's a very good thing.
  • We get to go see family and help lay some sod this weekend.  So, we will not be at the Waverly Farmers' Market this Saturday.  If you want or need some tomatoes, we DO have them.  Let us know what you want and we'll figure out a way to get them to you.
  • Speaking of tomatoes... (we were?)  We've got alot of them coming in and they are in prime condition right now.  If you want to can or freeze tomatoes, now is the time to get some from us.  We do not want any of these to go to waste.  We grow 32 heirloom varieties and can provide you with an excellent mix.
  • 2013 Farm Share CSA.  Yes, we will return in 2013.  Why?  Because we don't know when to quit!  Or, perhaps, more accurately, we care too much to quit.  We will be taking deposits to reserve spots very soon.  Stay tuned for instructions.
  • Thank you!  Grinnell Heritage Farm for the sweet, bell and hot peppers for the Thursday distribution (today).  They were much appreciated.  We are honored and humbled to have friends that provide a helping hand when it is needed.
  • Thank you part 2.  For the gift of a hat (you know who you are).  For the gift of weeding time on the farm (several of you, we hope you also know who you are!).  For the gift that helped us pay for some additional labor hours - it went to a 'starving college student' - we may not have been able to afford hiring him without that support (we hope you know who you are - but if you don't, we'll say thank you directly too).  
  • Thank you part 3.  To those who helped us get some construction projects going!  We mean well.  We know we could do these things - but it is amazing how quickly the time gets eaten up by everything else on the farm.  Without these helpers, we'd be lost.
  • Thank you part 4.  To all our Farm Share members who are patient as we frantically unload and set up.  Fall is always very difficult for us when we lose most of the farm help.  Your willingness to stay positive and avoid collisions with frantic farmers in a frenzied and frenetic, yet focused, unfettering of the truck of all its fruit is appreciated.   

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