Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Sandman Has Spoken

We brought a picture of Sandman, the kitten to the recent Harvest Market in Waverly and encouraged people to submit ideas for a caption (or as one person said a "cat-tion") for this picture.

We encourage everyone to respond here or on Facebook with additional ideas.  You may also voice an opinion as to your favorite captions thus far.

Let's see if we can use the Sandman as a cat-alyst for some good clean fun!

  • If I were bigger than you, I would eat you.
  • Is that a fire engine or the new red truck I've heard you purchased?
  • Don't you think it is a little early?  I was planning on sleeping in!
  • More like community supported cat-iculture...
  • Brussel sprouts?  You want me to eat Brussels sprouts?!?
  • Oy! I wish I could get this Pink Panther them song out of my head!!
  • Is that tomato for me?
  • The kind of organic food I like is NOT green and does not grow in the ground!  Mousies!
And a few more we've thought of:
  • That stunt with the alarm clock was NOT appreciated.
  • Sing "It's a Small World" just one more time and you'll feel my wrath.
  • I'm never good for the day until I've had my morning catnip.
  • How may times do I have to remind you?  I am NOT your cat, you are MY human.
  • Ahem.  You tied your shoestrings again...
I, the Sandman, have spoken!

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