Friday, December 7, 2012

December Newsletter

Genuine Faux Farm December Newsletter
We are trying to get into the habit of providing a monthly newsletter during the first week of each month.  We send a version of this post out to those who have opted into our email lists OR who are current CSA members.  We provide short descriptions and links so you may choose what you want to read.  We will attempt to put the most important news bits at the top in their entirety.

Waverly Harvest Market
Saturday, December 8
Civic Center, 200 1st St NE, Waverly , IA
Winter farmers' market inside the Civic Center Building in Waverly, Iowa.  Come support your local growers including GFF! We will have pumpkins, potatoes, spinach and eggs - perhaps we'll find something else to bring? Sign up for 2013 CSA. Participate in a caption contest. Too much fun to ignore!

Following Our Blog
Following our blog just got easier for you.  You can opt to receive emails (no more than once per day) that will let you know when we've posted something new there.  Look at the top of the right sidebar and you will see a place where you can do this.  We have also made it easy to use an RSS feed of your choice (look on the right sidebar). 

Do you Need a Little Humor?

Well, here is a lot of humor.  We took the time to do a quick look through some of our more light-hearted posts and come up with some award winning lines for 2012.  And, while we were at it, we did the same for 2011, 2010 AND 2009.  Why?  Because we needed a laugh and we are willing to share.

2012 - The Best Medicine
  " when you ask a raccoon "Number 1 or number 2?"  It will usually say, "Both." "

2011 - The Best Medicine
"Broom Bird Rules.  We thought about making some up, but decided everything involved with it would be a fowl."

2010 - The Best Medicine
"If Humpty Dumpty wanted to sit on a wall - he should have done it in January, in the Midwest. "

2009 - The Best Medicine
"Squish - ya, that's a squash. There is a summer squish, pumpkin squish, butternut squish and rotten squish that goes 'squish' when it's squashed."

Just Veg-ging Out
The seed catalogs are arriving, so it is time to learn about our picks for 2012 Veg Varieties on the farm.
Gerry Chamberlin was kind enough to share her leek cleaning techniques with us, thank you Gerry!

Photo Shoot
Are you more interested in pictures?  They are certainly worth a thousand (or maybe 500 words).  We have two offerings for you in this newsletter.

  1. Some select pictures from 2012 in chronological order
  2. But, better yet - our BEST pictures for 2012.  Warning - the winner for the year is bound to make you smile!
  3. Or, if you want a single pictures with some writing to go with it - try some bleeding heart flowers.
  4. Or maybe you like the periodic postal history thing Rob writes?
But Seriously
There are some things on the blog that take a more serious approach.  A recent Denver Post story (Colorado) about a young lady's perspective on growing and selling local got me to thinking.  And some recent questions about why we selected the CSA/Farm Share model over farmers' market led to ruminate for a while as well.

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