Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Planting for You? Part I

ed: this is part 1 of 2 - other items we are growing for sale in 2013 will be in the second post that will appear in 2 days after the first.

It's time for us to start promoting ourselves a bit more.  And some it has to do with planning and of course - PLANTING!

We are starting to put things in trays, but we need a little help from you to make some decisions about what we are growing for PLANT SALES this Spring.

Below is a list of what we intend on growing for sales purposes.  For each vegetable type, we will include a list of all of the plants we are starting for the farm.

What should YOU do?
- If you see something on our growing list that is NOT on the sales list, but you WANT us to start some for you - you'd better say something now!
- If you think there is a limited number of something and are afraid that what you want won't be available - the same applies.
- If you want to be sure to get something, send us a note and reserve some plants.

Everyone's Favorite - Tomatoes
Sales List
German Pink (54), Italian Heirloom (54), Trophy (54), Amish Paste (36), Speckled Roman (18), Red Zebra (18), Green Zebra (18), Tommy Toe (54), Hartmann's Yellow Gooseberry (18), Moonglow (24), Golden Sunray (18), Black Krim (36), Jaune Flamme (36), Silvery Fir Tree (36)

On Grow List, but not on Sales List
Dr Wyche's Yellow, Druzba, Rutgers, Wisconsin 55, Powers Heirloom, Federle, Opalka, Black Cherry, Nebraska Wedding, Redfield Beauty, Paul Robeson, Ponderosa Red, Hungarian Heart, Gold Medal, Tastey Evergreen, Peach Blow Sutton, Stupice, Wapsipinicon Peach, Japanese Black Trifele

A Taste of Summer - Sweet Peppers

Sales List
Jimmy Nardello's Frying Pepper (36), Golden Treasure (36), Purple Beauty (18), Tolli Sweet (36), Quadrato asti Giallo (18), Wisconsin Lakes (54), King of the North (54)

Grow List - Not Sales
Chervena Chushka, Marconi Red, Garden Sunshine, Ace, Jupiter, Napolean Sweet

Spice it Up - Hot Peppers

Sales List 
Joe's Long Cayenne (12), Alma Papricka (12), Wenk's Yellow Hot (6), Early Jalapeno (12)

Grow List - Not Sales
Beaver Dam, Feher Ozon Papricka, Hot Portugal, Fish, Hungarian Wax, Ancho, Aji Crystal

Fun to Grow and Under Appreciated - Eggplant

Sales List
  Pingtung Long (24), Casper (6), Rosa Bianca (12), Listada di Gandia(12)

Grow List - Not Sales
  Florida Highbush, Diamond, Black King

Great to Grow with Tomatoes - Basil
Sales List
   Genovese (54), Dark Opal (36), Mrs Burns Lemon (18), Thai (18)


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