Saturday, February 2, 2013

February Newsletter

It has been a while since our last newsletter.  So, here is out February newsletter with alot of January posts!  And, a picture that hopefully makes everyone think Summer!

Recent News
You can get a quick summary via our post of News Shorts
But, suffice it to say that we are now in the season where we are looking for CSA members to join us in 2013.  Encourage people to contact us!

What Veg Do YOU Want More of?
Recently, we asked this question via the blog and via Facebook.  The responses we received resulted in a number of posts showing our plans to address these wants.  It's not too late!  If you have an opinion, let us know about what you want to see more of in 2013!

Our plans to increase tomato availability.
A post about asparagus, peas and winter squash
And spinach

Want to see what vegetable varieties we are planning to grow?  Some of these will also be available as plants we sell in the Spring!


The Lighter Side

I guess the blog has been known to have some humor in it.  If you can call it humor, it makes an appearance in the following:

Winter Games
Stream of Conscious Traveling
The Sandman Has Spoken

Excuse Me Sir, You Appear to Be Listing
There has to be something with a list.  And, of course, our 2012 in Review contains such a thing!

Winter Ramblings and Rumblings
'Tis the season where the farmer has a bit more time to ruminate.  And, so he tries to do just that with a few posts.  The first offering describes a couple of December farm work days as a response to a request about what we do in Winter.
An unexpected gift around Christmas had us thinking about the whole idea of bonuses and work on the farm.
And, finally, a post that wonders why we do what we do with our blog, newsletters and everything else.

Still Fighting the Spray
We continue to share how we are dealing with last year's spraying event by sharing some numbers from our farm. 

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