Thursday, April 11, 2013

All That's Going On

We're working hard to do everything at once.  But, we know people are also asking for information.  So, here are a bunch of quick bits in an effort to keep everyone in the loop and to keep Rob from typing on this too long!

CSA Shares Available?
Yes - especially in Waverly and Tripoli pick up locations.  Send us an email with name, mailing address, share size and desired pick up location.

CSA Billing - When is it coming?
It is being printed today.  Mailed later today (Apr 11).  Yes, it is slower than we wanted.  But, that's the way it is sometimes.

Spring Extended Season - Is it Happening?
Yes, it will happen, but it will likely be shorter than we would have liked.  Still, we expect to have 5 weeks of produce from the high tunnel before the regular season kicks in - and don't forget asparagus.  Those who have done extended season before get right of first refusal (we will contact you about 10 days before we think we'll have something).  Others may email with a request to be notified if we have spots.

How's the Weather Treating You?
It's weather.  Next question.

No, Really - How are things growing?
The things in the high tunnel look good, but small still.  We were going to put some things in the ground outside, but soil temperatures are still very low.  It was a good thing we didn't get things in the ground before the latest weather system came through.  The bad news?  The fields are going to take a while to dry out.  So, it will be about 10 days before we can hope to put anything in.  That' ok, we have enough to do.

Plant Sales - Are these going to happen, and when?
We have tomato plants growing and peppers need to be seeded.  We'll have some broccoli, kale, cauliflower - maybe some cucumbers, etc etc.  We'll have them.  Peppers and eggplant will be late this year, so we may cut down on these a little.
We will sell plants at the Waverly Farmers' Market on Saturdays through May and into the 1st or 2nd week of June.  We do not often encourage people to buy tomatoes and warmer crop plants during the first market week.  The soil is usually too cold to transplant without some shock to the plant.
We also plan on having a sale day or two at Hansen's Outlet in Cedar Falls.
The issue is getting everything into trays and then finding a place for them with the way the weather has been going this year.

When Will the Regular Season CSA start?
The plan is to start the first full week of June.

Any New Veg or Varieties this Year?
Of course. 

Ummmmm.  Would You Tell Us More?
We're interested to see how the Paul Robeson tomato does on our farm.  It comes with recommendations, but it may like areas further south more than our farm.  The Winter Luxury pie pumpkin currently has our attention as well.  The descriptions read well - but that doesn't always mean anything.  We're doing a small trial of the Ella Kropf lettuce from Seed Savers and we're anxious to see if the Midnight Lightning zucchini from High Mowing can give us the production we want from an open pollinated variety.

Garlic - what's the word?
We had to purchase most of our seed for this season.  We did salvage some of our own, but we are not optimistic about how well it will grow.  Our thanks to Blue Gate Farm for the seed.  So far, they are slow to poke through the straw mulch.  Given the cooler start to the season, it is still too early to tell.

New or Old Farm Research at GFF?
We've submitted our final report to SARE for the prior project and have received a grant for a new project that stems from the old.  We will also be participating in a couple of projects with Practical Farmers of Iowa.  And, of course, we always have a few of our own.  If you'd like to see the slides or posters from presentations related to prior work, check out this page.

When are Tom Sawyer Days and Festivals?
We've figured out our calendar for the year.  Go take a look!

Is There More To Tell Us?

When Will You Tell US?

Ok... Well, thanks.
You are welcome.

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