Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Vocabulary Shortcomings, Skritches and Other Stuff

There are a number of words that I know how to use and use well.  Words like pollinator, inconclusive, allelopathic (even spell check is lost on that one), obfuscation and algorithm are among those I consider to be good words that I can use given the right situation.  Apparently, there are some simple words I am unable to figure out.  Words like.... "no."

Failure to say "no" may lead to photos that look like this one.

Ok, it's not all that bad.  I do my best to balance what I can do.  But, when you see situations where something really HAS to be done and no one else is stepping up to do it, my vocabulary (especially the word "no") often fails me.  Perhaps at some point in the future I will elaborate on what has caused me to discuss the merits of the word "no," but until then, I will refer you to Mrranda in the picture below.
Ya, ya.  Now get to some blogging that interests me.  Talk about skritches or mice.
For example, when one of our cats approaches me and asks for attention, I tend to give it some.  This is especially true this time of year.  The indoor cats are starting to see us leave the house more often to work outdoors.  They know the human who tends to tolerate their presence on his lap while he works at the computer will not be offering this service nearly as frequently as he did in January.  So, they are getting a little more demanding. In order to keep the peace, I try to pay for a little tolerance with a skritch or two whenever Bree or Hobnob are within reach.

The outdoor cats, who see much less of us during the Winter, are anxious to be shown that they are still valuable members of the community (as you can see by the picture above).  It is not unusual for Sandman or Mrranda to hop up on a car, picnic table or trailer for attention.  In fact, both of them will give Rob a 'hug' when he stands still long enough so they can get their skritches.
A satisfied cat customer.
When the demands of life (or the cats) seem to be too much, I contemplate other things.  Things that I can look forward to in the months ahead.  Green beans, flowers and bumblebees.  I am very much looking forward to the appearance of the bumblers.
Bumblebee on a gazinia. Only green beans missing from this picture.
But, my mind keeps coming back to a number of things that are in need of attention.  Perhaps our wonderful readers can help us out with some of these.

1. We are looking for more CSA members for 2016.  We have many slots open.  Spread the word!
2. We need at least one more worker for this summer.  We have one interested person who is currently following through and we could use more.

Ok, two is enough for now.
Oh, and my shoelaces are untied.  How could that have happened?
And, we've already had our first thunder and lightning show for the year at the farm.  This picture is from a different event, but it gives you a taste of it.  You know it is early in the season when every flash of lightning gets your attention.
My night time photography needs some help.
Actually, most flashes of lightning get my attention when I'm at the farm - regardless of the time of year.  If we have workers in the field and there is lightning, it typically means I have to consider getting everyone to shelter.  If there is lightning in the middle of the night, I tend to wake up in order to determine if we have some nasty weather heading our way.  The difference is probably in the 'startle' factor.  If it is July and you see lightning, it isn't entirely an unexpected event.  If it is early March...that's another matter.

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