Sunday, August 28, 2016


We've actually had a few people ask us for updates on some of the things that have appeared on our blog this season, so we thought we'd just go right ahead and give updates to those questions on the blog. Why not?  It'll be fun!

How Are Soup and the Kittens?
The biggest problem with having kittens in the Spring for us is the fact that we just don't have much extra time to socialize them.  But, Soup didn't consult us.  Of course... she's a cat.

Sparrow (the grey kitten) was injured by some varmint on the farm.  We were able to find and rescue him, but it necessitated an emergency trip for medical care on a Sunday morning.  Of course... things like that do not happen during normal business hours.  We could not afford to give him the care he would need to recover, but someone was willing to foster him.  It wasn't long before Sparrow was adopted through the Waverly Pet Rescue folks.  This is good news.

Inspector Mewso (grey and white) is still on the farm and tends to stay around the garage and truck barn area.  He's pretty friendly and willing to be held upside down and have his belly get skritched.  He'll bat at fingers with claws in and is gentle with humans.  Sadly, he's not showing lots of tendency to be a very good farm cat.  He does run away from vehicles and tractors when they are started, so he has at least one survival instinct, but he shows no inclination to hunt, but we think that is largely because of....

Soup (aka Super Cali the Fragile Mystic) who is still with us on the farm.  She and Inspector still hang out together.  Both seem to prefer to stick around the garage and main part of the farm.  We suspect Soup was an indoor cat that was dumped at our farm.  She doesn't seem interested in hunting and is also gentle - unless she sees Mrranda or Sandman.  At this point, Sandman doesn't come to the area around our buildings any more.  We have not seen Mrranda for a couple of weeks now, so we aren't sure what's going on there and Rob isn't very happy about that.

The upshot is this.  We want Soup to have a new home since it is clear she doesn't really work as an outdoor cat on our farm.  The indoor cats (Bree and Hobnob) will NOT accept another resident.  If we don't hear from someone soon, Soup will be taken to the folks who run the Waverly Pet Rescue in hopes that she can find a new home.  She has had shots and has been spayed.

The jury is still out regarding Inspector.  We'll see.

PUNS?  Augh!
 Are You Sure That You Should Include Puns in Your Posts?
This is not a matter of choice.  If I have a moment to blog and I feel a pun forming in my head, I have no choice than to include it.  Sometimes, the entire post gets infected by it.  It's a disease.  I can't stop it.

After all, I HEARD you all groan when I included the "trays of humility" line in the post I linked just above here.  You're only encouraging me, you know.

How Are Those Baseball Teams Doing?
We posted a little while ago about our favorite baseball teams (Twins and Reds) and how poorly they've been doing.  There are a few meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean people who keep asking how they are doing.  I suspect a couple of them are trying to be nice.  But, there are a couple of others (you know who you are) that are asking just to watch us squirm.

Tammy's team (Twins) are now 49-75 and have played close to .500 ball since this post went live on our blog.  This has raised them from tied for the worst record in baseball to having the SECOND worst record in baseball.  Congratulations Twins.  (bleah)

Rob's team (Reds) are now 53-70 and were showing no desire to play even .500 ball since the last update until this week.  Three other National League teams have shown even more desire to finish with a worse record than the Reds and they're all within a few games of each other.  I have confidence in my Reds to be able to pull out some sort of finish this year.  I'm rooting for them... I guess.

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