Saturday, September 3, 2016

Sounds on the Farm

As odd as it might sound that Rob has a PhD in Computer Science and the two of us don't make sure to get the "latest and greatest" technology whenever it comes out, it is the truth.  For example, we have never owned anything with which we could take a video.  But, that doesn't mean others haven't taken a video or two.

A few years back, Tammy's sister, Brenda brought a video camera and took a few videos of some of our birds.  Rob ran across the files again recently and thought we might share a couple of them just so everyone can hear some of the sounds we do on the farm.

The first (above) is Bob the Rooster (no longer with us) testing out his lungs.  While it is true that roosters do crow early in the day, our birds are generally not so obnoxious that they crow overly much.

The second video shows some turkeys when they were still housed in our old barn.  They get very excited when they get let out of the building and they know feed and other treats are likely on the way.

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