Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Symptoms of a Whole

I had someone send me a Facebook post with this item that included a link to a TV news interview.  I didn't have much time to look at things, but I read the quote and felt that I should take a further look at a later point in time.  So, I clipped and saved the picture.

Since that time, I've done a little search for Mike Callicrate and found the website linked on his name.  Clearly, he has decided to be an advocate for issues he feels are very important and it seems that he is very active.

The quote below seems consistent with what I've read about Mike Callicrate.

And there it is folks.  The monstrous disconnect that we have in the United States between the traditional "farm" that we all see on Christmas card scenes and the way much of our "farms" are run now.

No, this is not a case of idealizing the way farming USED to be.  This is a discussion about how farming SHOULD be NOW.  For that matter, it's the way farming should have been then.  History is full of examples of bad farming with different technologies just as our present day is with all of our modern tools.

Sadly, there are many examples of businesses that can claim the 'family farm' label, yet fall into the industrial model mentioned by Mr. Callicrate.   And, don't get me wrong here!  I am not saying every farm business that falls into the industrial model has a black hat wearing, mustache twirling, tie the girl to the railroad tracks person who runs that farm.  This is not about evil people doing evil things.  Instead, it is about priorities that are out of order and people who feel that they are able to justify what they do well enough that they don't see anything wrong with it.  Or perhaps it is about people who are risk averse.  Or maybe it is about a lack of creativity to break from the herd?  (and perhaps there is a mustache twirler or two as well)

Or maybe, this is about all of us.

Maybe we all just need to be a bit more sensitive about how others are treated, how animals are treated and how the environment is treated?  Perhaps we care a little too much about monetary profit and possessions and not enough about these other things?

If current trends in farming bother you, then you need to look at the whole of our society since these trends are a symptom of the whole.  Are we showing our concern for other people?  Are we showing concern for other living beings?  Are we showing concern for the environment?

Let's answer those questions honestly for ourselves and then make some changes in our priorities. 

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