Saturday, November 11, 2017

Genuinely Farming

If you look at the philosophy of philatelics label on our posts, you will find a series of posts that are related to my postal history and stamp hobby.  Usually, these posts are written during the colder months when I have some indoor time to work on these things.  With winds howling and a wind chill temp in the teens, I am not exactly anxious to get out there and do work.  Yes, I do have serious office work to do as well, but I'll use a quick blog post to get into the groove and work from there!

Last Winter, I started work on a sixteen page exhibit of philatelic items that had some relevance to what we do on our farm.  It's a neat way to combine the hobby with the avocation.  The title page to this exhibit is above.

I was able to complete all but a few pages last Winter, but my goal was to complete the whole thing prior to the end of September this year.  Why?  Well, there was this online event called the Philatelic Digital Rendezvous sponsored by Richard Frajola, a well-known postal historian and philatelist.  He solicited sixteen page exhibits to be posted at this location.

I invested a couple of evenings finishing the remaining three pages and proof reading the rest and managed to get the Genuinely Farming exhibit out there for others to see.  If you took the link, you'll find that this exhibit won the "Most Enjoyable" award!  Awards were determined by the voting of the participants in the event.  It says something when your peers select your effort as an outstanding one!

One page that got the most commentary was the page featuring the pencil.  Yes, the envelope is fun to look at simply because any artwork that can make you feel like you should be able to touch the item being portrayed is worth some level of admiration.

I will only show three of the sixteen pages in this post and figure you can go view the entire exhibit if you go to the PDR site.  If these pages amuse or interest you, please go look.  You might just find some other exhibits by others that interest as well!

I am always happy to discuss the hobby and answer questions and I am looking forward to getting back to the hobby during the winter months.

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