Monday, November 27, 2017

Picture This

Spring chive anyone?
The grass isn't nearly as green as it was even a month ago and a day over 45 degrees feels warm to us.  The bees are rarely, if ever, active this time of year and so much of the small wildlife on our farm are hibernating.  No crickets or katydids singing.  The leaves on the trees and bushes are down except for a few stubborn, brown and crispy ones clinging desperately to branches.  Perhaps they are afraid of heights and just don't want to let go for fear of the fall?

Cucumber Frog isn't currently plotting a new way to startle the farmer, he is nestled in somewhere dreaming of the next time he can get Rob or Tammy to jump higher than the last time.  I am sure it is a happy dream (for him).

The outdoor supervisory crew of Sandman, Inspector and Soup all have their winter coats on and they've entered the "I'll take every moment of attention I can get" phase of the year.  After all, the humans aren't outside as much as they used to be.

And the clover that has been so prevalent throughout the farm is no longer as robust as it once was. But, we remember what it was like to have huge patches of blooming clover.  The sweet odor, the hum of a bee going from flower to flower and the soft, yet firm texture of a clover flower.

The farmers look forward to some of their own hibernation from the continuous farm work as well - in hopes that they can encourage life on the farm yet again next season.

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